Rashida KhanBey Miller (RASHI/She/Her)


Sensuality Coach, Somatic Movement Researcher, Speaker and Artist with 25 years of combined training, teaching, and performance experience in dance, theatre, and independent somatic movement research.

RASHI's work focuses on creating safe sanctuaries for women to learn the necessary tools to have shameless, uninhibited and pleasurable sex.

 Through The Reclaiming Your Method, RASHI shows us how to embody our sexuality and spirituality in tandem, as opposed to in conflict as two separate lived experiences.

She teaches that sexuality and it's expression is an integral piece of spiritual growth that strengthens our expression of autonomy and confidence allowing for us to deconstruct shame, heal trauma & reclaim pleasure within our intimate relationships and lives.

RASHI currently resides in Chicago with her life partner Miller & dog Rocky.  

 Photo by Sheena LaShay Young

Photo by Sheena LaShay Young