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Reclaiming Your Sexy Intro Course

A 10 week course designed to help you create a lifelong romance with you.This class will teach you how to make your self-care a priority before it becomes an emergency - proactive vs. reactive self-care. Whether you’re single, dating, married or totally avoiding love all together,creating a decadent romance with yourself is the key to feeling vibrant, getting what you really want and having way more fun in your life. The couse includes a 10 week group coaching program online and three day retreat in Chicago, Atlanta, Oakland or New York. 

Next course begins June 1st 2018! 

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Reclaiming Your Sexy Mastermind

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Mastermind is designed to help you show up in your relationship with your lover(s) and life being your most authentic, vibrant & dynamic self. No more hiding. No more destructive relationship cycles. No more passion-less intimacy droughts. The Reclaiming Your Sexy Mastermind includes nine months of group coaching workshops online and a 5 night,6 day destination retreat. Ready to learn more? Book a complimentary consultation below to talk through program details. You'll also be sent an application to complete prior to your call.