Beginners Guide To Awakening Your Inner Temptress

Beginners Guide To Awakening Your Inner Temptress


I'm so excited you have ventured out to start your journey to living an untamed life.  I created the Beginners Guide as a resource for women who want to : 

STOP spinning in self-doubt and low self-esteem

STOP feeling as though you don't have a choice or a say in the way your life manifests

START changing the way you talk to yourself so you feel better and do better

START being more courageous and bold in the way you go for that date, that job, that new goal, that contract! 

DEVELOP a sensual self-care practice that allows you the space and opportunity to unwind and release tension on a daily basis so you can feel happier in your life. 

The Beginners Guide Includes : 

  • The Temptress Pleasure Manifesto & Core Belief Workbook 

  • Draw Nigh : 9 Secrets To Better Love, Sex and Living

(3) Audio Group Coaching Classes: 

  • Coming Back Home To Your Truth

  • Undoing The Lies

  • I am Enough


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