Photo by Amanda Clare at    The Divulge Project

Photo by Amanda Clare at The Divulge Project

Hey my name is Rashida KhanBey Miller. You can call me RASHI. I am a sensuality coach, somatic movement researcher and movement artist. I help women come back home into their radiance, visceral liberation and joy through dance. I began my journey in dance over 25 years ago and have been developing and leading women in my somatic movement practice, The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method™, since 2008. I work with women of diverse backgrounds from all around the globe through my live masterclasses on tour and online dance studio. If you've been craving to find a way to take more time to fill up your own tank, release stress, rediscover that woman in you that is uninhibited and audacious and truly own your desires for your life then I want you to join me for this experience. My courses are not your average dance experience - I'm here to guide you - call you into living in your most open,vulnerable and honest self. You will walk out of my classes feeling like a different woman.  We dance through the doubt, the tension, the fear, the lies, the discomfort so we can truly come home to our most radiant and alive self in every area of our lives.  No more hiding. No more holding it in.  No more sitting on the sidelines of life. No more dying in the disappointments. It's time to move. 


Current Live Class Experience: The Temptress Masterclass