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Rashida KhanBey-Miller, Transdisciplinary Artist, Speaker & Writer born and raised in Chicago,  has devoted her work to creating woman centered self-care and wellness experiences that empower us to reconnect to our bodies, shamelessly embrace our sexuality and lead joyful lives on our own terms. 


 Rashida has long had a passion for dance & creative expression. She started dancing at the age of two at Ballet on Broadway in Illinois. That first class turned into a whirlwind of training and performing opportunities spanning over a 25 year period. Rashi has been classically trained in Sacred/Liturgical Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary-Modern, and Hip Hop with some of the most pretigious names in Dance Culture in Chicago from Anthony Hollins, Vannessa Truvillion, Diana Campos, Nancy Teinowitz, Betsy Herdskin, Joel Hall and more.. She holds a special place in her heart for movement of the Pan African Diaspora - most especially Samba No' Pe (Brazilian Samba).  During her undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago  in the Theatre Performance department she sought out a study abroad program to Salvador De Bahia, Brazil. . In 2008 she returned home from her second sojourn to Brazil inspired by the overwhelming sense of body and sensual freedom she experienced walking down the beaches of Bahia. Rashida wanted to help other women connect to that same feeling of freedom so she began teaching hybrid dance & personal development classes in Chicago to help women reconnect and fall in love with the bodies that they have right now.  

Rashida's work as transdisciplinary artist creates safe spaces for women to redefine what it looks like to be a sexually alive in her body without shame or inhibition and most importantly on her own terms. Through a combination of healing modalities & mixed media practices she creates heightened sensory experiences focused specifically on a woman's pleasure for herself - not for the gaze, consumption or satiation of someone else's hunger. Through film, photo, dance, writing and laser personal development coaching she creates a theraputic & healing environment for her students to let their hair down, unravel from the tension of the world and reconnect to an audacious & bold sense of freedom.

She instills in all her clients that sexy is not about your external appearance but about reconnecting to your vibrancy, your self-worth and your authentic truth.  Rashida is the Creator, Executive Producer & Lead Actor in micro films "Let Go & Let God" produced by OpenTV and "Sex Is A God Thing" produced by Unraveling Our History Productions (Rashida's Chicago based Film/TV Production Co formerly known as Woman Untamed Productions)., Her 2014 film "Sex Is A God Thing" has now accumulated over 10 million views across all social media platforms. Production for the "Sex Is A God Thing" webseries is set to begin in February 2018 in Chicago in collaboration with OpenTV. 


Learn more about her coaching practice here