The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method™ is a healing sensual dance practice designed to help women take time out for themselves daily to release, reconnect and revel in the mystery and magic of our divine feminine energy.  When we make time to commune with the most sacred part of our existence we come out of this devotion practice replenished with energy, unwound from tension and discomfort, stronger in our confidence and intuition and ready to walk in the world feeling audacious,open and alive. These qualities make us the sexiest women alive. It's not about the performance of sexy for someone else's gaze or satisfaction - it's about waking up from the numbness, prioritizing our own pleasure and living on purpose. 

Welcome to the practice. 

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method is composed of four courses.

The Temptress Masterclass: A 2.5 hr sensual floorwork & moving meditation course on embodying boldness, authenticity and unapologetic joy.

Pleasure Provocateur: An intimate sensuality retreat on awakening your seductive self, cultivating pleasure and owning your erotic power. 

Forgiveness & Ecstasy: A 2.5 hour moving meditation course on letting go of the past to access deeper pleasure for couples.

Visceral Praise: An intimate sensual moving meditation retreat on undoing sexual shame from the church & cultivating liberating spiritual practices. ( By Invitation Only)

Each course is designed to help you tap into a different part of yourself + your story in order to access even deeper pleasure.

For women who are craving to begin the journey I currently offer:

  • Live masterclasses on tour 

  • Digital courses

  • Monthly studio subscription 

  • Private intensives (live and online)

  • Advanced trainings for studios and schools