Are You Taking Care Of Everyone Else & Digging A Ditch For Yourself?


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The Temptress Masterclass!

Summer Pop-up Experiences

Ready to explore the Reclaiming Your Sexy Practice but not ready to join the intro course? This summer I am hosting several pop up class experiences in Chicago, New York, Oakland and Atlanta. I would love to have you all join me for these 2.5 hr experiences.

The current cost for The Temptress Masterclass is $45 and this Monday it will increase to $150.

We are offering an insane amount of value in this teaser couse. Why? Because we want you to get the information that you need in order reduce your stress,actually fall in love with your body and feel more confidence and last but certainly not least to enjoy the intimacy that you are sharing with your partner.

The The Temptress Masterclass Offers:

  • (2) 15 Minute Moving Medtiation Videos (Digital) ($150)
  • (1) Sensual Wellness Calendar For You To Plug Your Self-Care Activities ($150)
  • (1) 2.5 Hr Live Teaching Experience in Chicago, Atlanta, New York or Oakland ($750)
  • (1) 90 Minute Post Live Class Group Coaching Call ($250)

Total Value : $1300
Actual Cost : $150
Discount Until Monday at 7pm CST : $45 !! (Saving $1255)
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Full Transparency :

I absolutely love teaching live. One of my biggest obstacles in my first 8 years of teaching was struggling with how to price these experiences. I want to make sure that the women I knew who needed this work could access it. But I was running at this huge dream with a lot of anxiety and overwhelm which was not a setup for success.

I had to realize that if I was truly standing in my purpose and in alignment with my work then I would remember that I needed to make self-care a priority before it became and emergency. Our financial well being,including the well being of our businesses or careers factors into how we are able to take care of ourselves mind,body and spirit.

I was embracing a martyr path.

  • I was trying to do it all on my own
  • I was helping everyone else but not focusing enough on making myself sustainable and then thriving
  • I was ignoring the wisdom being given to me by my strategists and coaches telling me to change the way I thought about receiving abudance because I was afraid to be perceived a certain way and had struggles around having wealth in the past.
  • I was constantly struggling to make ends meet
  • I was comparing myself to others and how they were living or running their businesses which constantly kept me in this negative feedback look with myself
  • I was trying to become a philanthropist without the proper business structure or financial backing to support being able to give back to economically challenged communities. It's not that it's impossible to do but having the proper structure is the only way to do it and thrive.

And then finally I got tired.

I got tired of always complaining about not having enough support, not having the visibility, not having the income, not having not having not having. I was lost in a cycle of scarcity.

One of the key lessons of The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method is allowing ourselves to come back home to the truth about who we are. I knew in my soul and in every fiber of my being that we are not destined to struggle or scrape for the remainder of our lives. Are there struggles? Yes. Do we have challenges yes but does that mean that this is all there's available to us? Np. When we have a vision we have to make it plain, write it out, carry it with us and really stick to it.

And that's what I want to share with you. You came to this course because you had a desire to embody your sensuality and sexuality in a way that felt empowering and dynamic for you. You want to have a consistent self-care practice. You want to feel alive and radiant. You want to have sweaty, toe curling can't get enough of you sex with your partner while oozing that Temptress energy in your body.

So if that's your vision then you have to stick to it and allow yourself the opportunity to grow when you can.

If this course is something you're interested in exploring then I want you to jump on this opportunity. After Mondaythe cost for the course will increase from $45 to $150 and this will be last opportunity to work with me at this cost for the forseeable future

The Temptress Masterclass Dates:

  • Chicago 6/18
  • New York 8/23
  • Atlanta 8/28
  • Oakland 9/8

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    With Love,