Black Panther Obsession.


People have asked me a lot lately : "Have you always been this confident?" And the short answer is no. I try to reiterate that confidence is a choice and a sojourn with no end destination. The point is just to keep finding it in all it's variations in your life and discover/reconnect to your ability to find it no matter what. It's not the having of confidence that matters -because it's easy to feel good when you're doing good. What matters is in the shattering of our egos, our pride, our expectations, our faith, our hope [that often happens when we are truly living out our lives] that we fight to get back up again. And we never give up this vision that there's something in life worth fighting for.

The discomfort you feel in the space between being on the floor and navigating your wildest dreams, is the fight that's inherently in your DNA - your spirit that's unwilling to let you settle.

You'll question whether you can, whether it's worth it, whether things will ever change but you have to remember some changeless facts about yourself:

You can come back again and again.

You're a Temptress and it is impossible for our spirits to ever die.



Music : Seasons // Black Panther Album


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