My name is Rashida KhanBey Miller. I am a multi-disciplinary artist, sensuality & somatic movement researcher and teacher. My mission is to help more women create consistent relationship to their sensual and sexual selves without shame, guilt or inhibition. I do this through my sensual & somatic movement practice: The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method (The RYS Method). The RYS Method combines sensual floorwork, moving meditation and striptease to help women reconnect their boides, feel more turned on and radiant in bed and life.

Welcome to the practice. 

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method is composed of three courses.

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Online Studio: Monthly online sensual moving meditation classes and coaching videos on how to embody more confidence, joy and radiance in your day to day life.

The Temptress Masterclass: A 3 hr in-person sensual moving meditation class to help you release self-doubt and inhibition so you can embody boldness, authenticity and unapologetic joy in your life right now.

Pleasure Provocateur: A 2.5 Day intentional exploration of cultivating pleasure shamelessly through movement, food and photography rituals. This retreat is designed to help you have deeper experiences of pleasure, to reawaken your sensual self unapologetically and create space to rewrite the story of your intimate life.