Artistic Statement…

Making pleasure a priority is probably one of the most difficult and life changing practices I have attempted to embody in my work and life. Through sensual and erotic movement, I have watched women heal their relationships to their body, to shame, to desire and longing. I have watched women utilize this practice and then find the courage to step into this potent energy of owning their sexuality outside of the cis-hetero male gaze.  What has long been viewed as a gratuitous + taboo art, to be dealt with in secrecy and silence, has emerged,in my life, as an extension of my spiritual practice which allows for me to create an intimate relationship between my body and my divinity. Ultimately making pleasure a priority has stretched me beyond my own numbness in order to viscerally experience joy, radiance, healing and love for myself.

Welcome to my practice.

Please take your time to look around.

Grateful to have you here.